Hurray! We have received 1,4 MNOK from Innovation Norway trough “innovasjonsrammen”  for our pilot test! The project includes producing 10 prototypes and having them tested on 10 patients for a period of around 3 months. We are working with four municipalities (Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Time kommune), where one nursing home in each will get turning mattresses to 2-3 patients.

The goal of the project is to validate the functionalities and user friendliness of the product, and to see how the experience of implementing the turning mattress is for both the patient and the health personnel. The health personnel will therefore fill our report forms every day, so we will be able to track the different parametres that we are measuring (comfort, sleep, usability ++). Weekly meetings will also be held to make sure we gather all the aspects, before summing the project findings in our final report.

Btw: We have also had our first full night test with a patient at Bryneheimen nursing home, with great results!