What a milestone! Ten turning mattresses has been delivered to patients at four nursing homes in four municipalities for a pilot test lasting over three months. The purpose is to investigate the usability and functionality of the Tidewave turning mattress in actual conditions. We are very excited to get further insight in how to provide gentle and effective pressure relief for our users.

Health personnel will fill out daily reports about the status and progress of the patient and the product, as well as status meetings will be held every week to gain more qualitative response. So grateful for the engagement from our pilot customers!

Installation day! From the left: VĂ¥gedalen nursing home in Stavanger, Soltun nursing home in Sola, Bryneheimen nursing home in Time and Sandnes Health Center in Sandnes.

Thorough training is key in order to make the health personnel ready and comfortable with using the turning mattress in their daily routines.

We are now looking forward to continue the journey with our pilot costumers!